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Senin, 27 September 2010

Rumour: PlayOS – First Custom Operating System for PS3

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Posted by GregoryRasputin @ 10:29 am

A PS3HaX member, by the name of PlayOS Developer has released information, on a project he is working on, here is a quote from the original post:

Thanks to PS Jailbreak, I’ve been able to finally make a proper running version of the first custom PS-Dedicated operating system “PlayOS”

PlayOS is a Linux-Based system.
It takes up 730MB of your external hard drive as it runs off External Media (Backup Manager).
Easy to use.
Built-in dedicated web browser “PlayBrowse”.
Compatible with 3.41 only.
You need to have a development board! Will not work with mobile phones except the Nokia N900 (Will have to look into this).
Video coming soon.
Hardware acceleration (just like OS X) enabled. This means .mkv files in 1080p!
Support for file types:
.exe – ONLY PlayOS Coded ones! Windows applications will not work with this.

I’ll tease you with some pics for now

Spoiler for pictures:

Please note that until we see actual confirmation, or proof of concept, we are labeling this news as a “rumor”.
Source : PS3HaxNetwork

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